Due to several reasons, culture and education in Portugal aren’t receiving the necessary support, which leads, in the long run, to a poor society, without a critical mind and one society which isn’t prepared to face the challenges that the future inevitably imposes.


Consequently, we believe to be of critical importance projects that have the purpose of encouraging young people to absorb culture and to know their history, so as to have a well-established base of knowledge. The University of Madeira Students’ Union has been trying to attenuate the difficulties felt by the students, through the creation of the Nourishment Grant and the Supply Scholarship. However, it’s always necessary to innovate and to evolve further, so that all the community can benefit. Following all the work that has been developed, we present a new project: To Read.


Because reading is very important, and knowing how the university students struggle to have access to technical books related to their areas of study, due to its elevated cost, this project has the purpose of enabling the students to have access to books that complement their formation.


In an early stage, this initiative will target the students from the University of Madeira, not only through the acquisition of books to the University library, but also through events like used book fairs, events that will promote a connection between the present and the former students. In the future, the objective is to expand the project to several schools throughout Madeira, with other types of books as well, in order to encourage the maximum possible number of young students to read and, consequently, to acquire more knowledge.